Dr. Bridget Engel

Dr. Engel is a licensed clinical
psychologist in Colorado.  She
earned both her Masters degree
and her Doctorate of Clinical
Psychology from the University
of Denver.  She has been
working in mental health for
over ten years and has extensive
experience treating both youth
and adults from a variety of
backgrounds.  In addition, Dr.
Engel has provide psychological
testing and assessment for both
youth and adults.  She is a
member of the Colorado
Assessment Society as well as
Colorado Society of
Psychologists in Private
Practice.  Her philosophy of
care stems from a
strength-based model, in which
she uses multiple interventions
to capitalize on positive
attributes.  Her laid back style,
humor, and honesty help people
feel comfortable in her office
and confident in her work.

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Dr. Stephanie Smith

Dr. Smith is a licensed clinical
psychologist in Colorado.  She
earned her Bachelors Degree in
psychology at CU-Boulder, and
her Masters and Doctorate in
clinical psychology at the
University of Denver.  She has
experience working in hospital,
school and private practice
settings.  Dr. Smith enjoys
working with men and women.  
A significant portion of Dr.
Smith's practice is dedicated to
psychological testing, including
for Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD), Learning Disabilities,
pre-surgical evaluations for
bariatric surgery patients,
forensic assessment and
vocational rehabilitation.  Dr.
Smith takes a warm and
acceptance-based approach in
her work, and aims to help her
clients feel confident as they
work toward personal change
and growth.

In addition to her clinical work
at FRPA, Dr. Smith is also the
Public Education Coordinator
with the Colorado Psychological
Association (CPA).  In this
position, she works with CPA
and the American Psychological
Association to spread the word
about the benefits of psychology
and good mental health.  Dr.
Smith has recently been quoted
in the Denver Post, Rocky
Mountain News, Erie Review,
Longmont Times-Call, and
Shape Magazine as part of her
work in public education.

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Welcome to FRPA!
Welcome!  We're glad that you're
visiting our website, and we are
excited to tell you about our
practice.  First, let's tell you what
are practice is
not about.  FRPA is
not a big community mental health
center where your concerns will
be put on a long wait-list.  FRPA
not a large business that puts the
bottom line before the needs of
the community.  FRPA is
not a
health center that doles out
diagnosis-dujours or pressures
people into getting medication.

So, you might ask, What is FRPA
about then?  Good question.  
FRPA is a small group practice
owned and operated by Drs.
Bridget Engel and Stephanie
Smith.  Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel
have been good friends for many
years.  In fact, they met and got to
know each other while they were
in training to be psychologists at
the University of Denver.  They
share a passion for and a
commitment to good mental health
treatment, and built FRPA
together in 2006.  Their
foundation of values that built this
business include community
involvement, stewardship for
mental health services, and a
devotion to making our world a
better place to live.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel both
know and understand that seeking
therapeutic services can be a
daunting and scary endeavor.  
Many people feel awkward
making that first phone call and
don't know what to expect for
their initial visit.  Below you will find answers to common questions
that clients ask, or wish they could ask.  As always though, if you
have questions that are not answered here, send us an email, call us,
peruse the rest of our website.  You concerns are important, and we
are glad to spend time to make sure your questions are answered.

What is a psychologist and how does that differ from other
Good question, as this can be a confusing issue.  In Colorado, a
legal definition of a psychologist is a licensed professional holding a
doctoral degree in psychology, who studies or treats the physical,
emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of human nature.  
Psychologists might hold doctorates in philosophy such as a PhD, in
psychology such as a PsyD, or in education such as an EdD.  Both
Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel have PsyD's, a doctorate in clinical
psychology.  Psychologists do not have a medical degree, as a
psychiatrist would, and as such, cannot prescribe medications or
make medical diagnoses.  Psychologists are also different than other therapists, such as social workers or
licensed professional counselors (LPC's), both in the degree they hold and their educational background.  

What are your educational requirements as psychologists?
Both Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel earned their four-year Bachelors degree in psychology.  To become
psychologists, however, they continued their education and studied in a four year accredited program to learn
the theory and practice of psychology at the University of Denver.  Furthermore, they completed additional
requirements, including a one-year full-time internship, and a post-doctoral year to complete another 1500
hours of supervised clinical work.  Lastly, they were required to pass a jurispudence exam, and a standardized
licensing exam, as required by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (
DORA), a governing board that
monitors the practice of psychologists and other licensed professionals in Colorado.  Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel
are also required to renew their licenses with DORA every two years to maintain good standing in Colorado.  

Do you have Continuing Education requirements you have to meet?  
Unfortunately, the state of Colorado does not require psychologists or other mental health professionals to earn
continuing education (CE) credits for ongoing licensure.  Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel strongly believe that ongoing
education and seminars are integral to maintaining a current grasp in mental health treatment on new
techniques and theories about how to help our customers.  As such, they do attend seminars and conferences
both in Colorado and around the United States to stay current and updated about important topics.  

What can I expect during my first visit with you?
You will be surprised by how fast that first hour will go.  The first visit is very important in helping us to build
a good working relationship together.  We will spend that session outlining some of your biggest concerns and
the things with which you are struggling.  We will probably ask you about what you you've tried thus far, what
you are hoping to gain from therapy, and what you think will be the most helpful.  We will most certainly
spend part of the hour telling you how we work with individuals in general, and provide you an opportunity to
ask questions.  And of course, part of our session together will be making sure our paperwork requirements
and ethical obligations are met through documentation, such as the paperwork you will be filling out for us.

What is your therapeutic approach?   
Some people ask about our therapeutic approach and this is a very good question.  Drs. Smith and Engel have
been thoroughly trained on all of the most conventional theories, approaches, treatments and interventions in
psychology and through their clinical practice, have applied their knowledge to a wide variety of populations.  
However, they do not adhere to strict or rigid treatment modalities.  Instead, they will work with you to
explore your needs, and find out which intervention style might fit best for you.  They tailor the treatment plan
to your specific strengths and struggles rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

How long will I be in therapy?
Many people worry that once they begin therapy, they will be "on the couch" for many years to come.  Of
course, every individual and family is different and will need different levels of treatment, but generally,
customers coming to FRPA attend therapy for six to twenty-four sessions.  You and your psychologist may
decide together to address your most concerning or debilitating struggles, and leave the less worrisome for a
later time, or not address them at all.  Also, going to therapy does not mean that you have to attend weekly
appointments.  Many people choose to go every other week, or even monthly, depending on their financial and
time commitments, as well as their personal needs.

What are your hours and what kinds of people do you see?    
At FRPA, Drs. Engel and Smith understand that coming to therapy is a big time commitment, especially when
you have other priorities like work and kids.  That is why FRPA is open Monday through Friday and both
early morning and late evening appointments are offered.  We are not open on weekends and some major
holidays.  Drs Engel and Smith treat children as small as six and big people as mature as 106!  Couples,
families, and individuals are welcome.  Groups for children and adults are also offered throughout the year.     

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