Earth Care

At FRPA, Drs. Engel and Smith care
about customers, community and our
environment.  We are working to
decrease our environmental footprint
and help protect our Earth.  

We recycle plastic, cans and glass.  Ya
know those plastic Starbucks cups you
occasionally bring to session?  You
can put those in our recycle bin.  Ask
the next time you're in.  

Even our recycle bin
is made from recycled
We shred all paper with confidential or sensitive information, and use the shredding  in Dr. Smith's composting
pile.  What we don't shred, we put in a recycle basket and  transport to our homes for the recycling pick-up.

The average American uses more than 655 pounds of paper every year.  That's why we only buy recycled
paper, made from 100% post-consumer material.  Our paper is chlorine free, and is processed using 42% less
energy and 46% less water, as well as emitting 37% fewer greenhouse gas emissions during production.  We
also re-use paper by saving and using the back side of it as scrap paper.

We recycle all printer and toner cartridges.   

We buy energy-star office equipment when possible and purchase low-wattage, energy efficient light bulbs.

We power down all computers, ceiling fans and lights when we leave the building for the night.   

Drs. Engel and Smith both participate in recycling programs at their home too.  

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