Community News and Upcoming Events at FRPA

We care about our local and greater communities at FRPA.  That is why Drs. Smith and Engel
are actively and consistently involved in providing services that help to improve the community and the
residents that live here.  At FRPA, we feel proud to be giving back, and making our towns better places to live.   
December 2010
Do you eat comfort food when you're stressed.  Find out more about this habit in a Self Magazine article to which Dr. Smith

November 2010
A great Denver Post article just came out with contributions from FRPA's Dr. Smith, about the stress that residents feel in

October 2010
Dr. Engel participated in a short video interview at to provide information about careers in the
mental health field.  

October 2010
Dr. Smith participated in Denver Public School's Career Day in late October this year.  There were more than 5000 middle school
students in attendance, all interested in varies kinds of careers.  Dr. Smith and other psychologists were there to answer student
questions about mental health fields.  It was a very fun day!

September 2010
Dr. Smith is offering two new groups this fall for girls.  They are sure to be lots of fun, but space runs out fast for these
educational and important opportunities.

August 2010
Would you ever say that stress is a status symbol?  Dr. Smith writes in her APA blog, and is quoted in about the
cultural pressure to work too hard.  

June 2010
summer Groups Coming Soon!  Dr. Smith will be hosting two fun groups this summer at FRPA.  Both groups are for girls and are
focused on healthy living.  Space is very limited.  Call 303-828-3080 to reserve your spot today.

May 2010
Dr. Smith contributes some important information to a Denver Post article this month about how something as simple as volunteer
work can beat rejection blues when trying to navigate unemployment in the down economy.  

May 2010
The 9News Health Fair was another big success.  Dr. Smith volunteered this year, and had some great help from some other
mental health providers.   

April 2010
The Engel twins have arrived - the newest members of the FRPA team!  
Dr. Engel had her babies on April 5th.  Mom is doing well and  babies
should be coming home soon.  

April 2010
Dr. Smith has recently been quoted in the Washington Post!  Please read this interesting article about how therapists are
managing unique challenges related to social media and technology.  

March 2010
Stressed out?  Read a helpful article in iVillage about stress and how to keep yourself healthy during tough times, contributed to
by Dr. Smith.  

March 2010
                                             Our very own Dr. Smith traveled to Washington DC again this spring to work with important
                                             members of congress to influence mental health policy, and to participate in educational
                                             seminars about exciting changes in psychology.  

March 2010
Need tips on parenting in a digital age?  Check out this wonderful article from The Online Mom, with helpful tips from Dr. Smith

February 2010
Want to read a very funny article to which Dr. Smith contributed about exploring whether therapy is right for you and how to find a
good therapist?  Then check out this blog entry at
Marie Claire.

February 2010
Do you dread meal times at your house?  Is it a nightmare to get your kids to eat?  Are you worried about your family's health.  
Join Bridget Engel and Kitchen Coach, Mary Collette Rogers who will be presenting a brief workshop on picky eaters and how to
manage them.  Feb 10th 7:00p-8:30p.  Cost is $10.  Reserve your spot today: 303-828-3080

February 2010
                             Dr. Engel hosted another free seminar, Talking to Your Teen on February 6th at the
                             Westminster Library.  

January 2010
Dr. Smith contributed some insightful comments to an important APA Monitor article on stress in America, including the Denver

January 2010
Moms! Don't miss this opportunity.  Dr. Smith is offering a six week group at FRPA starting in January.  The group is specially
designed to discuss and learn about issues important to moms.  Space is limited so call now.  

December 2009
On, Dr. Smith teams up with Comedian Rob Riggle from the "Daily Show" about holiday parties and awkward moments
during the holidays.  Check it out!  You will certainly be able to appreciate it.  

December 2009
Our holiday food drive was a sweet success.  We collected nearly 70 pounds of baking goods for the Erie Food Bank.  Thanks to
all those who participated and helped us with such an important endeavor this winter.

December 2009
Check out some new and interesting research highlighted in a recent article to which Dr. Smith contributed, about
how loneliness can spread.

November 2009
See the neat ideas from psychologists, including our very own Dr. Smith, about how to have a fun and positive outlook about life
in this months edition of
Parenting Magazine.

November 2009
Stressed about the holidays?  See the helpful tips outlined in a practical article to which Dr. Smith contributed.

November 2009
Dr. Smith contributed to a very important article in the Denver Post recently about the high stress levels experienced by
Denverites this year.  

November 2009
Exciting news!  Dr. Smith recently discussed and explained on 850 KOA, a survey, Stress in America 2009, which was recently
released by the American Psychological Association.  

September 2009
                                                     Hooray FRPA friends and customers!  Drs. Smith and Engel dropped
                                                      our summer food donation at the Erie Community Food Bank in
                                                      September.  All 70 pounds of it!  The Erie Food Bank is anything but
                                                      fancy, but it serves a very important need in the area.    We did a great
                                                      job with our donations this summer and are looking forward to our
                                                      winter drive later this year around the holidays.  

August 2009
Dr. Smith wrote and contributed a helpful article this month to the National Psychologist about managing business in a down
economy.  Check out the author's article soon - it's wonderful.    

July 2009
We are getting all geared up for our bi-annual food drive and we hope you'll join us in helping out our community.  It is no
surprise to anyone right now that there are many folks out there finding it hard to making ends meet.  Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel
know all too well, via the people they see in the office, how much toll financial hardship takes on families.  Let's pitch in together
and share a little of what we have.  During the month of July, we will be collecting canned goods and non-perishable food items.  
In December, we collected about 30 pounds of food. C'mon, let's see if we can do even better than that!!

June 2009
Dr. Smith contributed to an informative article at ABC News about how parents can tell their children that they've been laid off or
lost their job - stressful and difficult situation for any parent.  

June 2009
New summer groups starting in June!  You will not want to miss this exciting opportunity for your children.  Dr. Smith and
Engel will be hosting and organizing three NEW groups for kids this summer - one Girls Group for Grades 1, 2, & 3, one Girls
Group for Grades 4, 5, & 6, and one Boys group.  Check out
more information about our groups at FRPA.  

June 2009
Find out more good news about our economy!  Dr. Smith contributed important tips for the San Fransisco Chronicle about the
benefits to families when they are forced to reduce spending during tough economic times.  Also, find great ideas about how to
help your kids weather homesickness while they away at camp this year, in an article Dr. Smith contributed to in the
Times Call.   

June 2009
Dr. Smith contributed to a wonderful article in Redbook Magazine.  Find out all about what Dr. Smith says about some positive
things about our negative economy!  

May 2009
Dr. Engel will be speaking at another FREE seminar in May.  Dr. Engel will be hosting a round table discussion for parents of
blended families, and will be talking about detecting and addressing adjustment problems in a blended family, developing new
skills to manage special problems that arise in step-families, as well as maintaining and strengthening relationships with all
Side-Stepping Problems in Step-Families will be Saturday, May 2nd at the College Hill Library in Westminster from 10:
30 - noon.  Please register by calling 303-404-5104

April, 2009
Dr. Smith contributed to two important articles this month about helping kids to weather the economic crisis in the Longmont
Times Call, and about resiliency in the auto industry in Auto Exec Magazine.  

April, 2009
                                                              Dr. Engel hosted a round-table discussion with kitchen Coach, Mary Rogers,
                                                              about the psychological benefits of the family dinner.  Mrs. Rogers and Dr. Engel
                                                              taught some tips on how to get a dinner on the table with all the challenges of
                                                              being a busy family.

April, 2009
                                                                              The annual 9News Health Fair came and went on a dreary, wet
                                                                              Saturday morning, but we had a great time and we got to help lots of
                                                                              people with free care.  Both Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel volunteered their
                                                                              time at the health fair again this year, providing free information about
                                                                              mental health related topics.

February, 2009
Dr. Smith is on Aspen Public Radio!  Check it out and listen to an informative piece about how to manage stress while dealing
with difficult financial situations.  Dr. Smith also contributed to similar articles at
Experience Life Magazine and the Longmont
Times Call this month.   

February, 2009
Second Annual Women's Symposium a great success!  Dr. Smith worked
with other colleagues to organize and host the Women's Symposium again
this year at the Erie Community Center on February 21st.  Over 100 women
attended this helpful event.  See more fun
photos and be sure to register
for this event next year!  

February, 2009
Coming Soon!  Dr. Smith and colleagues are organizing the second annual Women's Symposium in Erie.  Women can attend this
FREE event to find out how to improve their lives.  Find out about legal issues, mental health, nutrition, and much much more.  
The event is at the Erie Community Center on February 21st.  
Registration is required to attend.     

January, 2009
We collected over 30 pounds of canned and non-perishable food over the holiday season.  We dropped off our donation to the
Erie Food Bank in January.  We are very grateful for all of your contributions.  Thanks for helping us make a difference!

January, 2009
This is our second anniversary at our Erie office.  It's hard to believe that we are going on our third year serving you and our
community.  We are enjoying it immensely and are so grateful for our business!

December, 2008
Read the nice article Dr. Smith contributed to in the Longmont Times Call about giving during hard times, and how giving can
contribute to good health.  Also see what Dr. Smith has to say about staying healthy while experiencing economic stress in the


November, 2008
Hear Dr. Smith on NPR during which she was interviewed about how to handle stress in a down economy.  Dr. Engel is quoted in
Carbon Valley Herald on an article about Asperger's Syndrome.  See the Denver Post article on balancing holiday stress to
which Dr. Smith contributed.  

October, 2008
Our very own Dr. Smith was on Fox TV and did a very fine job talking about the stress people are experiencing during our
economic crisis.  The is a must-see!  See the article she contributed to on
AARP Funds too.  Dr. Smith also contributed to an
article at the
Society for Women's Health Research on how women face economic stress.  

October, 2008
                                                                      Dr. Smith volunteered and provided mental health
                                                                      information at this years Women's Health and Fitness Expo.
                                                                      This is an annual event in Erie, which we will hopefully be
                                                                      able to make an annual tradition.

September, 2008
Dr. Engel taught a well-attended class and round-table discussion on How to Talk
to Your Teen.  See
pictures from the event at the College Hill Library in

September, 2008
Dr. Smith is quoted this month in both the Wall Street Journal and on
Yahoo Finance!!  Check out these very interesting stories about how to manage
stress during this volatile financial market.  

August, 2008
Dr. Smith was recently interviewed for a story about sports psychology in the Erie Review.

June, 2008
Front Range Psychological Associates and our summer groups are featured in the
Carbon Valley Consumer Report newspaper.  Read the article about us.  

June, 2008
Dr. Smith contributed to an article about eating disorders and exercise addiction in the Denver Post, Secret Sickness, Hidden

May, 2008
Happy Mothers Day!  Drs. Engel and Smith contributed a financial donation this month to the 7th Annual Cerebral Palsy of
Colorado Mother's Tea.  This remarkable celebration is all about honoring the spirit and devotion of some very special moms.  
Moms who have children with special needs were honored with a luncheon downtown Denver, and their stories of motherhood
demonstrate the selfless and extraordinary commitment, love and sacrifices that are needed to help special needs children
overcome the daily challenges they face.  FRPA was excited to help honor these beautiful women.  

May, 2008
                                             The annual Erie Town Fair was on May 17th.  And of course, Front Range Psychological
                                              Associates was there with an information booth.  Drs. Smith and Engel provided information   
                                              about our practice in town, the services we offer and registration opportunities for our
                                              exciting groups that will be starting in June.  Thanks to all those who stopped by to say hi!
                                              Check out
photos from our day.  

May, 2008
Front Range Psychological Associates hosted an open house on Friday May 16th from 7:00am to 8:15am at our office in Erie.  
Guests joined us for coffee, a light breakfast, and good conversation.  We were able to highlight our exciting summer group
offerings and to get some suggestions about the the needs of the community.  

April, 2008
We are proud to announce that both Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel volunteered
their time at the 9News Health Fair again this year.  The psychologists
provided free mental health screenings and mental health information to
attendees.  This year, we were also joined by two University of Denver
students, Greta Raaen and Marissa Berman.  The fair, which was held
this year at the Erie Community Center, served 500 people.  See more
photos from our fun day!  
photo  photo   

April, 2008
Dr. Smith contributed her expertise to a Longmont Times Call article on how the downturn in the economy is putting stress in our
wallets as well as our mental health.

March, 2008
                                       Dr. Smith goes to Washington!  Stephanie Smith traveled to Washington, DC in early March to
                                      attend the American Psychological Association's (APA) State Leadership Conference.  She was
                                      able to attend the conference as part of her work with APA's Public Education Campaign, and
                                      was part of the Colorado delegation at this exciting event.  While there, she gave a
                                      to other state leaders who work in public education and outreach.  She was also able to visit
                                       Congressman Ed Perlmutter's (D - Lakewood) office to discuss mental health parity and it's
                                       importance to mental health consumers in Colorado and the United States.  Mental health parity
                                      is an important issue that affects how mental health services are reimbursed by insurance    
                                      companies.  Dr. Smith was honored to represent Colorado psychologists and mental health
                                      consumers in Washington, DC.     

March, 2008
Dr. Engel taught a FREE seminar on communication for couples
at the Westminster College Hill Library, March 8th from 10:30-12:00.  
Photo 1 and Photo 2 from the event.

February, 2008
Dr. Smith contributed to an article in the L.A. Times about HBO's television drama, In Treatment.

February, 2008  
Healing Empowerment.  Dr. Smith and two other business women in the Erie community organized and hosted a women's
symposium to offer women resources, tips, and information to manage life and stress successfully.  The symposium was a big hit
and hopefully will return next year.  See the article in
Colorado Hometown Newspapers.  

January, 2008
Happy Anniversary to us!  FRPA is one year old this month.  The last twelve months in Erie have been very rewarding and fun.  
Dr. Engel and Dr. Smith would like to thank all those in the community who have made us feel
so welcome.  We hope to be here for many more years to come.  

January, 2008
There are two new groups starting at FRPA this month.  We will be providing Social Skills for Boys starting on Monday, January
21st and beginning Anger Management for Children on Tuesday, January 22nd.  These will be very fun, interactive groups.  As
always, space is very limited for these groups.  

December, 2007
Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel at Front Range Psychological Associates wish to thank all those who contributed to our holiday food
drive.  We gathered over 35 pounds of food that was donated to a local food bank in our community.  Hopefully, we can make this
an annual tradition.  Thank you everyone!

November 5, 2007  Group for Teenage Girls with Anxiety and Stress   
Front Range Psychological Associates in Erie is offering a six week group for teenage girls who have stress and anxiety.  
Participants will learn new ways to manage their stress and gain support from their peers.  Group will be on Mondays, starting
November 5th, from 4:00-5:15.  Group space is very limited.  Find out more by calling (303) 828-3080

October, 2007
Dr. Smith contributed to a Denver Post article on how teens express affection

July 20, 2007        Social Skills Group for Girls starts at FRPA
Back by popular demand, Drs Engel and Smith will be teaching a second social skills group this summer.  This one is just for girls,
ages 6-10.  It's a three week group, held on Fridays 9:00-10:30am.  Group space will be very limited for this group, and we've
had significant interest already, so call today.  303-828-3080

June 22, 2007        Social Skills Group Starts at FRPA
Dr. Smith and Engel are enrolling children now for a social skills group that begins in June.  We are accepting boys and girls age
8-12.  This is a four week group, held on Fridays 9:30-11:00am.  Group space is limited so call now at 303-828-3080.  

May 12, 2007        Erie Town Fair                
Our booth will be located right outside our building.  Stop by
for free information on a variety of mental health topics
and resources.  

April 21, 2007  9News Health Fair
Dr. Engel participated in the 9News Health Fair at Erie Middle School, a free event offering information on various
mental health topics.  What a great opportunity to contribute to the community and be supportive to Erie citizens!  See

March, 2007
Dr. Smith is quoted in the Erie Review about marketing strategies for new business owners.  

March, 2007
                                                                                   FRPA was welcomed to the Erie community with an open house and
                                                                                   ribbon cutting.  What a wonderful time to get to know people and enjoy
                                                                                   being a part of this charming town.  See photos from our big day -
ribbon cutting & chamber certificate

January, 2007
Dr. Smith contributes to a Rocky Mountain News article on fears and phobias

September, 2006
An article about FRPA was published in four local newspapers

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