FRPA offers a wide variety of therapeutic groups

What is group therapy?

Group therapy often consists of a small group of
children or adults, usually no more than 10
people.  Group members come together
approximately once per week to receive support,
guidance, and connection related to a specific
struggle these individuals might have in common.
What are the advantages of group therapy?
There are many advantages to group therapy.  In group, members benefit from the therapeutic interaction of
having people from different ages and various backgrounds in the group.  For example, at FRPA, group members
benefit from the expertise and knowledge of two licensed psychologists, both Dr. Smith and Dr. Engel who provide
groups together.  Also, group individuals get support, feedback and ideas from other group members who are
struggling in similar situations.  At FRPA, we have found this particularly beneficial for children, as they have the
opportunity to see that they are not alone in their problem, and as they benefit from direct and immediate
feedback from their peers, a very powerful motivator.  Participants often develop a strong bond with other
members and a sense of belonging.

What groups does FRPA offer?
Dr's Smith and Engel offer a wide variety of groups throughout the year.  At FRPA, there are both children's and
adult groups, as well as mixed-gender and single-gender groups.  Also, during the summer months, FRPA offers
extended summer group camps to address a myriad of child and adolescent issues.  Right now, for the summer
months, Dr. Smith at FRPA is hosting two important groups for girls:
Fall Girls Group Grade 6-8, and
Fall Girls Group Grade 3-5

Do you have a need for a particular group?  We love suggestions so that we can serve you better!  
Email us some ideas.    

How long is the group commitment?
Each group varies so it's important to check the specific details of each group offered.  Often, group is provided
once weekly, for one hour to one and half hours.  Group is often provided for four to eight sessions.  

What is the cost of the group?
Group costs vary by group length and content.  

How do I sign up for a particular group?
We are so pleased you are considering joining one of groups.  Please call our office at (303) 828-3080.  You
should call soon as we limit the size of groups so that group members benefit from individualized attention and
interaction.  In order to be in the group, you will also need to review, sign, and submit a small amount of
Paperwork for a children's group.  Paperwork for an adult group.  This paperwork addresses
important information and details about our group policy, so please peruse it carefully.